Laura has 40 years IT experience with three major companies: Applied Expert Systems, IBM and Texas Instruments. Her focus was not just on technology, but the overall processes required for an efficient IT ecosystem. Her years have spanned the general evolution of Information Technology from leased lines, to LAN technologies, the impact of the internet, and the changes resulting from technologies like Token-Ring, MPLS, ATM, and IPv6, the evolution to service management and the growth of security from virus scanners through integrated trusted identity and hack attack prevention.


While technology is a central theme Laura recognized early on that technology is not the end game but an enabler for new business initiatives. No matter how fantastic a technology may be unless it can provide concrete business benefits it will quickly fall by the wayside. Laura has evolved as the IT industry has evolved moving from participating extensively in trade shows (Comdex, ComNet, PC Expo, Internet World, Internet Commerce Expo, Linuxworld, CMG...)to writing for traditional press and now uses the newer social networking techniques to provide insight and direction to businesses large and small.


This experience provided her a solid base of skills in the communication arena that she continues to share through this web site.

SHORT Version Laura Knapp has 40 Years in the IT business working for Texas Instruments in their worldwide network , as a IBM consultant, and for Applied Expert Systems as a WW Business Consultant. Her experience allows her to cover all aspects of IT and she always brings a pragmatic view to very complex technologies.


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